The Mighty Liverpool could Eventually Win the Premier League This Season

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Following the end of week 25 of the Premier League, it is almost certain for Liverpool to win the league title this season. Obviously that has been the idea of the team for a long time. This season it comes very close to the grasp that after 25 weeks the point gap is 22 points. The remaining 13 weeks may well be too difficult for other teams to even close the gap let alone pass Liverpool and steal the league. One of the main things that lead to the current level of Liverpool is a huge improvement of the overall squad of Klopp compared to the last year squad.

The names like Gomez and Henderson have been delivering superb performance after taking the spots of Lovren and Matip due to their injuries. Both of them have been moving up to the first team selection to play alongside Van Dijk. Even without the presence of Fabinho, Liverpool under Klopp has been really good. It was considerably one of the worrying factors when injury struck Fabinho since he was the most important midfielder within the team. Thanks to Jordan Henderson for taking the place of Fabinho. He has been in his so-called form of his life for the last couple of years. That really contributes to the overall performance of Liverpool so far.

The new signing of Liverpool in the form of a Japanese player namely Takumi Minamino has been making a great deal of impact as well upon Liverpool’s performance. Thus Minamino has been a sum of GBP 7.25million well spent for Liverpool. Previously Minamino has been so Impressive with Red Bull Salzburg. It was once that he even scored during the match of Salsburg against Liverpool last year. Obviously he could be granted first team spot although there have been words regarding the final value of the player. It is deemed to be lower than the standard for a player like him at his age. Nevertheless Minamino will have a huge contribution for Liverpool to win the league.

Despite the actual record matching of 20 consecutive wins at home within the Premier League competition, Klopp said that the team is not even close to perfect just yet. Furthermore there have been about 42 away games where Liverpool has not yet beaten. That is a pretty reasonable statement due to the fact that it is the closest possible time for Liverpool to win the league after 30 years.

Klopp has been very optimistic lately in response to the best performance of the team so far. Yet he does not really feel that the current team is the perfect one available. There is no reason to try to be perfect though according to him. He was just concerned with the idea to maximize the available skills and potentials of the entire squad. In the end that could end up in great performances and results contributing to the possible league win at the end of this season. He is certainly sure of that at this point though.

Obviously the idea of Liverpool closing this season of Premier League as the winner has become a great morale boost for the players as well as the fans out there. It has been too long for real for a team as big as Liverpool not to win the domestic league for 30 years. In the end, looking at the actual performance of Liverpool as well as the point gap on the table, winning the league is the only option for Liverpool to realize. Liverpool to win the league title of Premier League this season will continue to be the headline of the news for a couple of months for sure.